Used Volvos for Sale: First $290K takes both.

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If you happen to be in the market for an upscale small car, the Volvo C30 is an excellent choice.  2013 is the final production year for the model, so your only option in the near future will be to pick up a well maintained one from the pre-owned market.

Speaking of well-maintained, K-PAX Racing has a couple of them available for the buyer looking for a little weekend excitement.  These are slightly upgraded to give you the best bang for your buck…and more of a thrill than that weekday commute to work or a trip to the baseball game.

Volvo C30’s built for the street, but modified for the track!


Used Volvos for Sale: First $290K takes both.

By: on 2/20/2013

Having decided to focus solely on their Pirelli World Challenge GT effort  involving Volvo’s S60, K-PAX racing has decided to sell off their two-year-old C30s.  Given that 2013 is the production car’s last hurrah, it makes sad sense that  Volvo’s not too interested in campaigning a machine that will soon be vacating  showrooms.
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