Environmental Practices

At Scandinavain Coachcraft we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We have invested in the latest systems to simultaneously ensure both an un-compromised final product and a lessening of toxins and other hazardous materials being released into the environment.
One of the solutions that we have implemented is the conversion to waterborne paint systems. Older paint delivery systems contained high levels of VOC. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases or vapors emitted by various solids or liquids, many of which have short- and long-term adverse health effects.
Waterborne systems contain lower VOC than solvent based systems making it is easier to control the air quality inside a shop or spray facility. While standard safety equipment is still required, you can virtually eliminate the harsh odors associated with using solvent-borne paint with waterborne systems such as ours.

Our Waterborne Paint System:

Reduces production of VOCs
Improves air quality
Promotes health and safety of employees
Achieves performance and quality