Took my car here (a BMW e36 M3) after a fender bender. While it ended up taking a while to fix (mostly my fault for ordering after-market glass headlights), the guys (and girls) at Scandinavian Coachcraft know their business. Armando, their BMW specialist, was extremely helpful — not only with the repairs, but with some additional replacements and suggestions as well. In addition, after the lights (umnitza) turned out to be a major nightmare, the owner (Ola) and Armando did their best to help make the lights work correctly, even repairing them complementary.

My advice: if you have a BMW (especially an M3) in the Santa Monica / Brentwood area, go see these guys, and feel free to drop a reference. My other advice: Stay the hell away from aftermarket parts.

Aaron H., San Francisco, CA